Friday, April 2, 2010



(April 1, 2010)

I was awakened this morning by my 7-year old granddaughter Claire who informed me that the dog had made a mess in the house. As I began to get out of bed to investigate, she got me with “April Fool”, smiled her beautiful ‘gotcha’ smile, and ran back to her room.

A few minutes later, as I was trying to get back to sleep, her 5-year old brother Angus, who hadn’t quite mastered the vernacular, came in with the same message and, as I feigned surprise and started to jump out of bed, he shouted, “Happy Fools’ Day”.

As I think about “April Fool” vs. “Happy Fools’ Day”, I concede that Claire’s “April Fool” may be correct by historical standards. Supposedly Charles IX mandated the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th Century, changing the beginning of the new year from April 1 to January 1, and those who rebelled against of were unaware of the change were called… guessed it…..and were subject to pranks such as being sent on ‘fool’s errands’. However, while Angus’ “Happy Fools’ Day” may have no foundation in the Renaissance, it does sound remarkably appropriate for the 21st Century.

> Happy Fools’ Day to all those who voted for Obama and still support him after the most duplicitous and inept 14 months of any administration in our history, even worse than the peanut farmer. (At least Carter had run a farm and served in the Navy before what has been jokingly referred to as “his presidency”).

> Happy Fools’ Day to all the young idealists who thought they were voting for a better tomorrow for themselves, who believed in the siren song of the Socialists. It will be they and theirs who will be the inheritors of the crushing debt and witnesses to the disappearance of personal liberty. As a wise man once said, “Anyone who’s not a Socialist at age 18 has no heart – and anyone who’s still a Socialist at age 30 has no brain.”

> Happy Fools’ Day to our congress men and women who followed the Pied Piper, dancing to his tune and singing his song without knowing what the lyrics said. Following the up-coming election in November, those ex-career politicians who will not have been offered a seat on the Obama welfare trolley will find themselves seeking real jobs for the first time. The delicious irony here is that they will become part of the statistic that they helped to create – the unemployed.

And finally, let us pray that the electorate is not lulled to sleep over the next seven months, that the Republicans regain their conservative footing, that the independents continue their drift away from the liberal/progressive agenda of Soros/Obama presidency and that the center-right of this country prevails.

On my 78th Birthday, November 3, 2010 (the day after the mid-term elections) I don’t want Angus wakening me once again with “Happy Fools’ Day”.