Thursday, April 24, 2008


DER SPIEGEL’s man in Washington DC, Gabor Steingart, in his weekly column WEST WING on April 23, 2008, asks the question,

"Will the Democrats Commit Political Suicide?"

“Democratic voters just can't make up their minds between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In Pennsylvania, they denied him victory but spared her defeat. It will be the job of the superdelegates to commit political murder -- but will it mean suicide for the party?”

In other words, the Democratic Party's super delegates, as the final arbiters in the selection of their party’s presidential candidate, must kill off one of their own. In this case, they must deny the nomination to either a woman or a black and, in doing so, run the risk of alienating one of their principal constituencies. These super delegates will operate on grounds both selfish and altruistic. Selfish, in that either as elected officials, union functionaries, or whatever, their collective choice will influence their individual job security. Altruistically, in that as committed liberals, their choice may influence the country’s direction over at least the next 4 years. However, as most of them would seem to be inhabitants of the eighth circle in Dante’s hell, they may be loath to add murder to their catalog.

I think I have the answer to their dilemma, one that lurks right under their noses, one that in fact resides within their bosom. Fortunately for them, there is one amongst their number, a fellow super delegate and one of their heroes, who is perfectly situated to deliver the Judas’ kiss. One amongst them who is able to act as their Brutus, delivering the final cut without ever unsheathing his knife.

Super Delegates of the Democratic Party, may I present you with James Earl Carter, the 39th President of the United States, a fellow super delegate and your ideal hit man. As a result of his disastrous presidency, his political activities and statements since losing his bid for re-election and, especially, his bone-headed efforts to negotiate the unnegotiable with the unspeakable in the last several years, he has now become a bipartisan pariah.

All the peanut farmer has to do is choose between Barack the Rock and Hillary Hardplace and unleash his TCE (Toxic Carter Endorsement). Just say the word, Jimbo, and whomever thou so blesseth shall be history, and the unblest one will go on to lead a wounded and divided party against the forces of right.

As Cain said to Abel, “Have a good day, bro”.

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