Friday, April 18, 2008



The 60's crowd – they had a ball -
When drugs and sex and self were all.
“Make love not war. We’re all for peace.”
(Except when fighting the Police).
“Get me some weed. Turn on, drop out.”
That’s what they were all about.
No moral compass, just inhale.
“Strive not and you can never fail.”


“Religion? Not my cup of tea.
The only god I need is me.”
“There is no right. There is no wrong.
There’s only my next dollar bong.”
Their tie-dyed minds can only curse.
The police are pigs. Our soldiers worse.
What value is there in this bunch?
A generation out to lunch.


With Viet Nam they ran amok,
Forced Uncle Sam to run and duck.
They forced our winning side to fly
And let 3 million people die.
They tried an encore in Iraq
But couldn’t get their karma back.
So now, in desperation, they
Have one last chance to win the day.


They must rely on Hillary
To try to save Bill’s legacy.
His legacy is also theirs –
They’re his immoralistic heirs.
Now, aging flower children, they
Are desperate for a quick replay.
Thus, demonstrating with their friends,
They march around in their Depends.


With signs aloft they vent their spleen,
Their slogans old, their shouts obscene.
America’s the devil’s spawn
And, "Damn the day George Bush was born!"
Katrina’s tears - the price of crude -
Rubble where Twin Towers stood -
"They’re all his fault and, looking back,
He lied to us about Iraq."


Who are their heroes? Who their gods?
Who gets their bobble-headed nods?
Without a trace of self-reproach
They took Bill Clinton as their coach.
"If he can do it so can we."
Is their self-serving liturgy.
To all his sins they closed their eyes,
Held their noses, voted twice.


They worship at the same old shrine
(The same old prayer, the same old whine),
That Evita Rodham Clinton will
Their socialistic dreams fulfill.
Her health care fiasco she’d repeat
Then lead our forces in retreat.
(My advice, just don’t get sick,
And learn to speak in Arabic.)


So, all of us, who love this land,
Who want America to stand
For honesty, for strength, for pride
Must throw these charlatans aside.
Lets do away, once and for all
With Clinton lies and Clinton gall.
And then, dear God, let us reclaim
Our country’s soul, our sacred flame.

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